Mini Update

Assalamualaikum w.b.t dearies. 

Due to exams, semester classes, usrah & tarbiyyah activities, I've left blogging for quite sometime (which is a surprise to no one since I was always mysteriously disappearing).. (=_=") Inshallah I will return by this week and have a blog-clean up. To readers who sent me inquiries regarding Gadjah Mada University's entrance exams, I apologize for the late replies. I will go through the questions after my exam ends this Friday. May Allah swt. ease.

Tak kisahlah yang pegang title senior, super-senior, nuqoba, amir, amirah atau yang pegang paling banyak mad`u sekalipun, tapi kalau mad`u paling dekat yakni hati tu masih tak terdidik, selagi tulah kamu masih perlukan usrah.- Anonymous

Jazakallah khayran :)

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Mieza Everdeen said...

how I miss you and your writings :(

Autumn (It's Autumn's Life) said...

Good luck with everything!

Aainaa Aqila Khairuddin said...

@Mieza Everdeen:

Inshallah I will tryyyyy a bit harder to update from now on teehee :*

Mashallah, jazakillah khoir.. (:

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